Food ceviche. Good customer service. Very clean inside
I love the Huaraches de chorizo...always eat there when I'm at the Mall.
Wow, what a surprise!! This place is good. Nothing fancy but great authentic flavors. Had the pork quesadilla.... life changer. Lol. Will definitely be coming back.
It was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to best quality if you want the best waitress is Ely. She always has the best recommendation and even the people after me and all of the other customers are well treated on the other hand the other waitresses feel like they are fake or the other way to put it cheap
This is where I go when I'm craving my new favorite quesadilla: pork brain. Before you make a gross-out face, give it a try. It's quite lovely. At their 35th Avenue location, I've had the pork brain quesadilla as well as their namesake, the red chile machete. Both are filling and delish!
Friendly service, busy but she kept up just fine. Great music had me dancing in my chair. Ordered two street tacos, Pollo and carne asada. A bit greasy, but delicious, small just like from a cart on the side of the road. Given two squeeze bottles, green and red. Red is SPICY, I love it. Green not so spicy but its tasty too. Bowl of Menudo is HUGE, served with dry spices and chilies. Had to take most of it to go. Horchata is a little on the sweet side, but good. They have both English and Spanish menus, accidentally grabbed the Spanish but she answered my questions readily. I'll be sure to drop in when at Christown/Spectrum.